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Family of George PENHALE and Ann PETT

Husband: George PENHALE (1787- )
Wife: Ann PETT (1788- )
Children: William Pett PENHALE (1812- )
Mary PENHALE (1813- )
George PENHALE (1815-1820)
John PENHALE (1818-1819)
George PENHALE (1821- )
Ann PENHALE (c. 1823- )
Rebecca PENHALE (1825- )
Elizabeth Matylda PENHALE (1827- )
Eleanora PENHALE (1829- )
John PENHALE (1831- )
James Pett PENHALE (1835- )
Marriage 13 Nov 1811 Shebbear, Devon, England

Husband: George PENHALE

Name: George PENHALE1
Sex: Male
Father: George PENHALE (1760- )
Mother: Mary CRAB (1754- )
Birth 11 Feb 1787

Wife: Ann PETT

Name: Ann PETT1
Sex: Female
Father: William PETT (c. 1760-1828)
Mother: Mary MILLMAN (c. 1759- )
Birth 1788 Buckland Filleigh, Devon, England

Child 1: William Pett PENHALE

Name: William Pett PENHALE1
Sex: Male
Birth 1812 Newton St Petrock, Devon, England

Child 2: Mary PENHALE

Name: Mary PENHALE1
Sex: Female
Birth 1813 Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 3: George PENHALE

Name: George PENHALE1
Sex: Male
Birth 1815 Shebbear, Devon, England
Death 26 Jan 1820 (age 4-5) Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 4: John PENHALE

Name: John PENHALE1
Sex: Male
Birth 1818 Shebbear, Devon, England
Death 1819 (age 0-1) Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 5: George PENHALE

Name: George PENHALE1
Sex: Male
Birth 1821 Shebbear, Devon, England
Baptism 11 Jan 1821 (age 0) Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 6: Ann PENHALE

Name: Ann PENHALE1
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1823 Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 7: Rebecca PENHALE

Name: Rebecca PENHALE1
Sex: Female
Birth 1825 Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 8: Elizabeth Matylda PENHALE

Name: Elizabeth Matylda PENHALE1
Sex: Female
Birth 1827 Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 9: Eleanora PENHALE

Name: Eleanora PENHALE1
Sex: Female
Birth 1829 Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 10: John PENHALE

Name: John PENHALE1
Sex: Male
Birth 1831 Shebbear, Devon, England

Child 11: James Pett PENHALE

Name: James Pett PENHALE1
Sex: Male
Birth 1835

Note on Husband: George PENHALE

George and Ann emigrated to the US, landing in New York in 1841. They seem to have travelled on to Canada, to Port Stanley Ontario, where a family bible turned up at a garage sale in the 1990s. Penhales seem to have settled around Exeter Ontario.


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