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Family of Richard STENTIFORD and Ann CONIBEER

Husband: Richard STENTIFORD ( - )
Wife: Ann CONIBEER (1792- )
Children: Richard CONNIBEAR (1813- )
Status: Never Married

Husband: Richard STENTIFORD

Name: Richard STENTIFORD1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Zeal Monachorum, Devon, England


Sex: Female
Father: Robert CONIBEER (c. 1765-bef1824)
Mother: Elizabeth SALTER (c. 1760-1830)
Birth 1792 Sandford, Devon, England

Child 1: Richard CONNIBEAR

Name: Richard CONNIBEAR1
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Oct 1813 Colebrooke, Devon, England
Birth 1813 Colebrooke, Devon, England
Baptism 31 Oct 1813 (age 0) Colebrooke, Devon, England

Note on Husband: Richard STENTIFORD

Bastardy order made against Richard Stentiford 4 November 1814 for the sum of one pound for the lying in of Ann Connibeer, and 18 pence weekly maintenance.

Note on Wife: Ann CONIBEER

According to her settlement examination in 1813, when she was about 14 years old her father placed her with Grace Locke in Colebrooke to learn weaving, with whom she lived for about 12 months, that she never had a year at any place nor ever agreed for a year except for Mr May of Zeal Monachorum , Yeoman, with whom she hired herself for a year at the wages of one shilling per week and lived there forty weeks , when she was discharged, and received the wages then due to her, since when she has not done any act whereby to gain a settlement.


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