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Family of Arthur Samuel DEARLING and Edith Elizabeth PICKETT

Husband: Arthur Samuel DEARLING (1869- )
Wife: Edith Elizabeth PICKETT (1871-1946)
Children: Alice Marion DEARLING (1896- )
Laura Marjorie DEARLING (1899- )
William Harry DEARLING (1901- )
Edith Catherine Elizabeth DEARLING (1903-1979)
Frederick Arthur DEARLING (1906- )
Arthur Leslie DEARLING (1909- )
Marriage 1891 Wandsworth, London, England

Husband: Arthur Samuel DEARLING

Name: Arthur Samuel DEARLING1
Sex: Male
Father: William Henry DEARLING (1842- )
Mother: Julia Alice REYNOLDS (1839- )
Birth 1869 Lambeth Registration District, London, England2
Occupation House Painter
Arthur worked for the Metropolitan Asylum Board
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 32) Wandsworth, London, England3
3 Ban Garden, Smeaton Rd, Wandsworth
Occupation 31 Mar 1901 (age 31-32) Storehouse Man; Wandsworth, London, England3

Wife: Edith Elizabeth PICKETT

Name: Edith Elizabeth PICKETT1
Sex: Female
Father: Walter PICKETT (1844-1930)
Mother: Elizabeth HAYSOM (1844-1937)
Birth 22 Oct 1871 Camden Town, London, England
Baptism 19 Nov 1871 (age 0) St Pancras, London, England
At St Pancras
Occupation Dressmaker
Census 3 Apr 1881 (age 9) Hampstead, London, England4
39 Fleet Road, Hampstead
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 9) Scholar; Hampstead, London, England4
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 19) Battersea, London, England5
29 Mantua Street, Battersea
Occupation 5 Apr 1891 (age 19) Dressmaker; Battersea, London, England5
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 30) Wandsworth, London, England3
3 Ban Garden, Smeaton Rd, Wandsworth
Death 12 Jun 1946 (age 74) Wandsworth, London, England

Child 1: Alice Marion DEARLING

Name: Alice Marion DEARLING
Sex: Female
Birth 1896 Roehampton, London, England
Occupation Tailor's Apprentice
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 4) Wandsworth, London, England3
3 Ban Garden, Smeaton Rd, Wandsworth

Child 2: Laura Marjorie DEARLING

Name: Laura Marjorie DEARLING1
Sex: Female
Birth 1899 Balham, London, England
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 2) Wandsworth, London, England3
3 Ban Garden, Smeaton Rd, Wandsworth

Child 3: William Harry DEARLING

Name: William Harry DEARLING1
Sex: Male
Birth 1901 Southfields, London, England
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 3 mns) Wandsworth, London, England3
3 Ban Garden, Smeaton Rd, Wandsworth

Child 4: Edith Catherine Elizabeth DEARLING

Name: Edith Catherine Elizabeth DEARLING1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Leonard COPEMAN (1898- )
Birth 1903 Southfields, London, England
Death 1979 (age 75-76)

Child 5: Frederick Arthur DEARLING

Name: Frederick Arthur DEARLING
Sex: Male
Birth 1906 Tooting, London, England

Child 6: Arthur Leslie DEARLING

Name: Arthur Leslie DEARLING
Sex: Male
Birth 1909 Tooting, London, England

Note on Husband: Arthur Samuel DEARLING

In 1911 Arthur, Edith and family are living at 93 Lessingham Avenue, Tooting


1"Nick Heard". This GEDCOM is predominantly the work of Nick Heard, but it incorporates the collaborated work of many other family historians. You are welcome to use the information herein but please acknowledge the source. Every effort has been made to ensure the data is accurate, but any use you make of it is entirely at your own risk. (c) Nick Heard 2009
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Edith Elizabeth Dearling,Wife,M,F,30,,,,Camden Town, London, England,
Alice Marion Dearling,Daughter,S,F,4,,,,Roehampton, London, England,
Laura Marjorie Dearling,Daughter,S,F,2,,,,Balham,London, England,
William Harry Dearling,Son,S,M,3m,,,,Southfields, London, England,
Henry J Dearling,Brother,S,M,36,Storehouse Man,,,,
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Walter Pickett,Head,Mar,M,36,Baker,Sandford, Devon, England,
Elizabeth Pickett,Wife,Mar,F,36,,Stockwell, London, England,
Edith Elizabeth Pickett,Daughter,Unm,F,9,Scholar,Camden Town, London, England,
May Pickett,Daughter,Unm,F,7,Scholar,Camden Town, London, England,
Walter Charles Pickett,Son,Unm,M,6,Scholar,St Pancras, London, England,
Marion Elizabeth Pickett,Daughter,Unm,F,4,Scholar,Hampstead, London, England,
Sidney John Pickett,Son,Unm,M,3,,Hampstead, London, England,
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Elizabeth Pickett,Head,M,F,47,,,Stockwell, London, England,
Ada Florence Pickett,Daughter,S,F,21,Tailoress,,Clerkenwell, London, England,
Edith Elizabeth Dearling,Daughter,M,F,19,Dressmaker,,Camden Town, London, England,
May Pickett,Daughter,S,F,17,Dressmaker,,Camden Town, London, England,
Walter Charles Pickett,Son,S,M,16,Baker,,St Pancras, London, England,
Marion Elizabeth Pickett,Daughter,S,F,14,,,Hampstead, London, England,
Sidney John Pickett,Son,S,M,13,Scholar,,Hampstead, London, England,
Percy Pickett,Son,S,M,8,Scholar,,Hampstead, London, England,