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Family of John POLLARD and Martha COMINS

Husband: John POLLARD (1731-1797)
Wife: Martha COMINS (1734-1819)
Children: John POLLARD (1756-1814)
William POLLARD (1759- )
Jonas POLLARD (1761- )
Thomas POLLARD (c. 1763-1846)
Ann POLLARD (1766-1808)
Sarah POLLARD (c. 1768- )
Martha POLLARD (1770- )
Jonas POLLARD (c. 1774-1835)
Robert POLLARD (1776- )
Marriage 18 Mar 1756 St Leonards - Exeter, Devon, England
They married by licence - taken out 13 Mar 1756.

Husband: John POLLARD

Name: John POLLARD1
Sex: Male
Father: William POLLARD (1694- )
Mother: Esther DOWNING ( - )
Birth 1731 Crediton , Devon, England
Baptism 10 Oct 1731 (age 0) Crediton , Devon, England
Occupation btw 1760 and 1787 (age 28-56) Clock and watchmaker2
In 1787 he agreed to make a new set of chimes for Chudleigh parish church, for £30.He made numerous long case clocks, including brass dial 30-hour examples. His clockwork roasting jack with brass front engraved 'Pollard Crediton' is in the kitchen at the Georgian House Museum, Bristol.
Death 13 Jan 1797 (age 65-66)

Wife: Martha COMINS

Name: Martha COMINS1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1734 Crediton , Devon, England
Death 10 Apr 1819 (age 85) Crediton , Devon, England

Child 1: John POLLARD

Name: John POLLARD1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary EWINGS ( - )
Spouse 2: Phyllis LEACH ( - )
Birth 1756 (age 58) Crediton , Devon, England
Baptism 28 Nov 1756 (age 0) Crediton , Devon, England
Occupation 1798 (age 41-42) Clock and watchmaker3
Listed in the Universal British Directory
Occupation 1812 (age 55-56) Clock and watchmaker; Stoke Damerel - Devonport, Devon, England
Market Street
He supplied Stoke Damerel Church Clock, which has the inscription John Pollard, Plymouth Dock 1811. Made long case clocks.
Death Nov 1814 (age 57-58) Devonport, Devon, England

Child 2: William POLLARD

Name: William POLLARD1
Sex: Male
Birth 1759 Crediton , Devon, England

Child 3: Jonas POLLARD

Name: Jonas POLLARD1
Sex: Male
Birth 1761

Child 4: Thomas POLLARD

Name: Thomas POLLARD1
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1763
Baptism 22 Jun 1763 (age 0)
Occupation btw 1795 and 1844 (age 31-81) Clock and watchmaker; St Thomas Exeter, Devon, England3
Alphington Street
He worked in partnership with his brother Jonas in Crediton. T & J Pollard
He made a clock for Alphington parish church in 1797, since replaced, and was extensively employed on church and other turret clocks. This included Broadclyst, Dunsford and Shillingford St George churches, and a turret clock for Haldon House that was installed second-hand by J.J.Hall at Talaton in 1817
Occupation 1830 (age 66-67) Watch and clockmaker; Exeter, Devon, England
Alphington Street, Exeter
He appeared in Pigots Devonshire Directory for this year.
Death 6 Mar 1846 (age 82-83) St Thomas Registration District, Devon, England4

Child 5: Ann POLLARD

Name: Ann POLLARD1
Sex: Female
Birth 1766
Death 10 May 1808 (age 41-42) Crediton , Devon, England

Child 6: Sarah POLLARD

Name: Sarah POLLARD1
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1768 Crediton , Devon, England

Child 7: Martha POLLARD

Name: Martha POLLARD1
Sex: Female
Birth 1770 Crediton , Devon, England

Child 8: Jonas POLLARD

Name: Jonas POLLARD1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy BURRIDGE (1784-1830)
Birth c. 1774 Crediton , Devon, England
Baptism 22 Jan 1775 (age 0-1) Crediton , Devon, England5
Occupation 1824 (age 49-50) Clockmaker and ironmonger; Crediton , Devon, England6
High Street, Crediton
"The inhabitants of the West Town of Crediton are much indebted to the public spirit of Mr. Jonas Pollard, clockmaker and ironmonger of that place who has, at his own expense, fixed up a neat clock with the dial against the front of his house, facing the market place, which is a great accommodation to the public". At that time the market "place" was Broad Street, which ran from North Street to St Saviour's Way, Crediton - the wide part of the High Street.
Occupation Clock and watchmaker; Crediton , Devon, England
High Street, Crediton
He made long case and turret clocks, by himself, and in partnership with his brother Thomas in Exeter - T&J Pollard.
The partnership made church clocks amongst others at Shillingford St George (1812-1813), Ashreigney (brass plate states Pollard Crediton Fecit, 1813), Talaton 1817, Bickleigh, inscribed Pollard Crediton Fecit 1810, Dunsford 1830, Christow St James 1831 and Broadcyst 1830.
The clock at the Cononteign estate, Christow installed in 1817 was sold in 1980 and is now in a purpose built tower in the Isle of Man. T & J made a country house clock for Great Dunsford House in 1829.
When consulted about building a clock for Tiverton Pannier Market, Jonas wrote a letter referring to the Dunsford clock, and another made for Lord Exmouth. "Mr Pollard works to low prices wrote Wasbrough Hale & Co of Bristol in a letter to one of his rivals for the contract - H.Foster of Fore Street, Tiverton. In the event the order went to W.T.Tucker.
Death 1 May 1835 (age 60-61) Crediton , Devon, England
Burial 8 May 1835 Crediton Churchyard Plot 1446, Devon, England

Child 9: Robert POLLARD

Name: Robert POLLARD1
Sex: Male
Birth 1776 Crediton , Devon, England


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