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Family of Edwin Matthew FEY and Mary Elizabeth DICKER

Husband: Edwin Matthew FEY (1870-1929)
Wife: Mary Elizabeth DICKER (1869-1939)
Children: Dorothy FEY (1895- )
Arthur Edwin FEY (1896-1970)
Victoria Alice Elsie FEY (1897- )
Ivy Louise FEY (1899-1966)
Margery Lily FEY (1905- )
Emily Maud FEY (1911-1985)
Barbara FEY (1912- )
Marriage 16 Jul 1894 Kensington, London, England

Husband: Edwin Matthew FEY

Name: Edwin Matthew FEY1
Sex: Male
Father: Mark FEY (1845-1930)
Mother: Susan BURRIDGE (1843- )
Birth 3 Sep 1870 Notting Hill, London, England
Occupation Carman
Death 18 Feb 1929 (age 58) London, England

Wife: Mary Elizabeth DICKER

Name: Mary Elizabeth DICKER1
Sex: Female
Father: John DICKER (1828- )
Mother: Emma GOULD (1835-1908)
Birth 29 Jan 1869 Paddington, London, England
Death 1939 (age 69-70) Chelsea, London, England

Child 1: Dorothy FEY

Name: Dorothy FEY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frank UDALL ( - )
Birth 1895 Chelsea, London, England

Child 2: Arthur Edwin FEY

Name: Arthur Edwin FEY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie Jessie HALLIER (1902-1970)
Birth 1896 London, England
Death 28 Feb 1970 (age 73-74) Topsham, Devon, England

Child 3: Victoria Alice Elsie FEY

Name: Victoria Alice Elsie FEY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry W. PROCTER (1897- )
Birth 1897 Chelsea, London, England

Child 4: Ivy Louise FEY

Name: Ivy Louise FEY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles F PROCTER (1898-1936)
Birth 1899 Chelsea, London, England
Death 1966 (age 66-67) London, England

Child 5: Margery Lily FEY

Name: Margery Lily FEY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: PRIVATE ( - )
Birth 1905 Kensington, London, England

Child 6: Emily Maud FEY

Name: Emily Maud FEY1
Sex: Female
Spouse 2: William A HAYNES (1910?- )
Birth Q2 1911 Marylebone, London, England2
Death 1985 (age 73-74) Oxfordshire, London

Child 7: Barbara FEY

Name: Barbara FEY1
Sex: Female
Birth 1912 London, England

Note on Husband: Edwin Matthew FEY

After his service in the Bedfordshire Regiment in the First World war Edwin joined Harrods as a delivery driver

Note on Wife: Mary Elizabeth DICKER

Mary died of a cranial haemorrhage having been run down by Harrods electric van during the blackout.


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