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Family of John Thomas BRAGG and Sarah Emma WALLER

Husband: John Thomas BRAGG (c. 1849- )
Wife: Sarah Emma WALLER (1845- )
Children: Lily BRAGG (1875-1955)
Walter William BRAGG (1876- )
Ida Mary BRAGG (1878- )
James BRAGG (1878- )
Constance Emma BRAGG (1883- )

Husband: John Thomas BRAGG

Name: John Thomas BRAGG1
Sex: Male
Father: John BRAGG (1807-c. 1880)
Mother: Mary J RAYMOND (1823- )
Birth c. 1849 Thorverton, Devon, England
Occupation Farmer and landowner2

Wife: Sarah Emma WALLER

Name: Sarah Emma WALLER1
Sex: Female
Father: William WALLER (c. 1803-1878)
Mother: Ann THORNE (c. 1803-1847)
Birth Q3 1845 Puddington, Devon, England
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 5) Puddington, Devon, England3
Town Living

Child 1: Lily BRAGG

Name: Lily BRAGG1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederic COLE (1862- )
Birth 1875 Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England
Death 1955 (age 79-80) Talaton, Devon, England

Child 2: Walter William BRAGG

Name: Walter William BRAGG1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie BURNETT (1877- )
Birth 1876 Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England

Child 3: Ida Mary BRAGG

Name: Ida Mary BRAGG1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jack FEWINGS (1879- )
Birth 1878 Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England

Child 4: James BRAGG

Name: James BRAGG1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lily BURNETT (1880- )
Birth 1878 Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England

Child 5: Constance Emma BRAGG

Name: Constance Emma BRAGG1
Sex: Female
Spouse: George SCOTT (c. 1883- )
Birth 1883 Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England

Note on Husband: John Thomas BRAGG

In 1881 John, Sarah and the family are at Pleases farm, Stockleigh Pomeroy


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William Waller Head Mar 47 Farmer 250 acres employing 3 labourers Puddington, Devon
Elizabeth Thorne Waller Dau Unm 23 Puddington, Devon
Matilda Waller Dau Unm 19 Puddington, Devon
William Edmond Waller Son Unm 17 Puddington, Devon
Jane Waller Dau Unm 15 Scholar Puddington, Devon
Lydia Ann Waller Dau Unm 13 Scholar Puddington, Devon
Mary Waller Dau Unm 10 Scholar Puddington, Devon
Harriett Waller Dau Unm 7 Scholar Puddington, Devon
Sarah Emma Waller Dau Unm 5 Scholar Puddington, Devon
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