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Family of Alfred ROCKWELL and Helena NAPPER

Husband: Alfred ROCKWELL (1852- )
Wife: Helena NAPPER ( -1930)
Children: Edna ROCKWELL (1879- )
Maida ROCKWELL (1880- )
Lois ROCKWELL (1882- )
Anstey ROCKWELL (1885- )
Madge ROCKWELL (1887- )
Winifred ROCKWELL (1890- )
Shannon ROCKWELL (1893- )
Reinee ROCKWELL (1897- )
Marriage 2 Oct 1878

Husband: Alfred ROCKWELL

Name: Alfred ROCKWELL1
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred Charles ROCKWELL (1820-1881)
Mother: Eliza Taylor Robins CROCKER (1834-1894)
Birth 25 Sep 1852

Wife: Helena NAPPER

Name: Helena NAPPER1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1930

Child 1: Edna ROCKWELL

Name: Edna ROCKWELL1
Sex: Female
Birth 1879

Child 2: Maida ROCKWELL

Name: Maida ROCKWELL1
Sex: Female
Birth 1880

Child 3: Lois ROCKWELL

Name: Lois ROCKWELL1
Sex: Female
Birth 1882

Child 4: Anstey ROCKWELL

Name: Anstey ROCKWELL1
Sex: Male
Birth 1885

Child 5: Madge ROCKWELL

Name: Madge ROCKWELL1
Sex: Female
Birth 1887

Child 6: Winifred ROCKWELL

Name: Winifred ROCKWELL1
Sex: Female
Birth 1890

Child 7: Shannon ROCKWELL

Name: Shannon ROCKWELL1
Sex: Unknown
Birth 1893

Child 8: Reinee ROCKWELL

Name: Reinee ROCKWELL1
Sex: Female
Birth 1897


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