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Family of Henry CROCKER and Sarah Jane MCKAY

Husband: Henry CROCKER (1870-1943)
Wife: Sarah Jane MCKAY (1871-1958)
Children: Henry CROCKER (1892-1990)
Cyril Percival CROCKER (1895-1976)
Aubrey Charles CROCKER (1897-1976)
Thelma Florence CROCKER (1900-1979)
Victor Stanley Amiel CROCKER (1903-1961)
Laurence Sydney Tasman CROCKER (1909-1975)
Lorna Elizabeth Martha CROCKER (1912-1989)
Marriage 20 May 1891 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Husband: Henry CROCKER

Name: Henry CROCKER1
Sex: Male
Father: Henry CROCKER (1833-1900)
Mother: Elizabeth CHILCOTT (1840-1914)
Birth 28 Aug 1870 West Tamarr, Tasmania, Australia2
Occupation Cartwright, coach builder2
Death 20 Oct 1943 (age 73) Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia
Burial 1943 Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia2

Wife: Sarah Jane MCKAY

Name: Sarah Jane MCKAY1
Sex: Female
Father: Angus MCKAY ( - )
Mother: Sarah HALL ( - )
Birth 27 Feb 1871 The Oaks, Tasmania, Australia
Born in a modest farm dwelling
Death 20 Nov 1958 (age 87) Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

Child 1: Henry CROCKER

Name: Henry CROCKER1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Edith GRIGG (1879-1936)
Spouse 2: Laurel BARTLETT (1892-1969)
Birth 12 May 1892 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Death 9 Jun 1990 (age 98) Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

Child 2: Cyril Percival CROCKER

Name: Cyril Percival CROCKER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen HARTLEY (1900-1984)
Birth 19 Apr 1895 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Death 19 Apr 1976 (age 81) Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

Child 3: Aubrey Charles CROCKER

Name: Aubrey Charles CROCKER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith Henrietta Kate OWEN (1899-1983)
Birth 12 Jun 1897 Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia
Death 31 Dec 1976 (age 79) Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Burial 4 Jan 1977 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Child 4: Thelma Florence CROCKER

Name: Thelma Florence CROCKER1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Norman JACKSON (1901-1986)
Birth 12 Apr 1900 Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia
Death 1979 (age 78-79) Sydney, NSW, Australia

Child 5: Victor Stanley Amiel CROCKER

Name: Victor Stanley Amiel CROCKER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Janet Elizabeth REID (1903-1985)
Birth 10 Nov 1903 Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia
Occupation Council Clerk2
Death 21 Feb 1961 (age 57) Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Child 6: Laurence Sydney Tasman CROCKER

Name: Laurence Sydney Tasman CROCKER1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Jean FOSTER (c. 1910-1975)
Spouse 2: PRIVATE ( - )
Birth 13 Sep 1909 Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia
Death 3 Dec 1975 (age 66) Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

Child 7: Lorna Elizabeth Martha CROCKER

Name: Lorna Elizabeth Martha CROCKER1
Sex: Female
Spouse: William WALKER (1908-1978)
Birth 18 Dec 1912 Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia
Death 16 Feb 1989 (age 76) Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

Note on Husband: Henry CROCKER


Note on Wife: Sarah Jane MCKAY

Sarah Jane was named after her grandmother Hall. She was the first daughter after 5 sons. She spent the first four years of her life with her parents, and then because life was tough for the family she went to live with her uncle and aunt, where she lived until her marriage.2


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2From Robin Walker nee McGiveron, "Descendants of Henry Crocker from Robin Walker" (email attachment to NH 5/7/2008).