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Family of William CARPENTER and Ann WALLER

Husband: William CARPENTER (1808-1867)
Wife: Ann WALLER (1811-1882)
Children: Caroline CARPENTER (1837- )
Elizabeth Caroline CARPENTER (1840-1909)
William Henry CARPENTER (1842-1888)
Mary Ann CARPENTER (1844-1912)
Susan Ellen CARPENTER (1845-1931)
Lydia A Waller CARPENTER (1846-1871)
Alice CARPENTER (1849- )
Edith CARPENTER (1850-1851)
John Waller CARPENTER (1850-1934)
James Waller CARPENTER (1855-1937)
Janice CARPENTER (1855- )

Husband: William CARPENTER

Name: William CARPENTER1
Sex: Male
Father: William CARPENTER (1772-1845)
Mother: Elizabeth CLAPP (1777- )
Birth 1808 Higher Withleigh - Tiverton, Devon, England
Baptism 30 Dec 1808 (age 0) Tiverton, Devon, England
Death 25 Mar 1867 (age 58-59)

Wife: Ann WALLER

Name: Ann WALLER1
Sex: Female
Father: James WALLER (c. 1775- )
Mother: Mary BENNET (c. 1774- )
Birth 1811 Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
Death 1882 (age 70-71)

Child 1: Caroline CARPENTER

Name: Caroline CARPENTER1
Sex: Female
Birth 1837 Tiverton, Devon, England

Child 2: Elizabeth Caroline CARPENTER

Name: Elizabeth Caroline CARPENTER1
Sex: Female
Spouse: William CARPENTER (1833-1902)
Birth 1840 Tiverton, Devon, England
Death 1909 (age 68-69)

Child 3: William Henry CARPENTER

Name: William Henry CARPENTER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Isabella Mary WENSLEY (c. 1846-1922)
Birth 1842 Tiverton, Devon, England
Occupation Farmer
Death 1888 (age 45-46) Tiverton Registration District, Devon, England

Child 4: Mary Ann CARPENTER

Name: Mary Ann CARPENTER1
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Henry CARPENTER (1841-1918)
Birth 1844 Tiverton, Devon, England
Death 1912 (age 67-68)

Child 5: Susan Ellen CARPENTER

Name: Susan Ellen CARPENTER1
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Henry Charles DEAR (c. 1828-1877)
Spouse 2: Silas Waller STEVENS (1854- )
Birth 1845 Higher Withleigh - Tiverton, Devon, England
Death 1931 (age 85-86) Wandsworth Road, London, England

Child 6: Lydia A Waller CARPENTER

Name: Lydia A Waller CARPENTER1
Sex: Female
Birth 1846 Tiverton, Devon, England
Death 1871 (age 24-25) Tiverton, Devon, England

Child 7: Alice CARPENTER

Name: Alice CARPENTER1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick CHAPMAN (1846- )
Birth 1849 Tiverton, Devon, England

Child 8: Edith CARPENTER

Name: Edith CARPENTER1
Sex: Female
Birth 1850 Tiverton, Devon, England
Death 1851 (age 0-1) Tiverton, Devon, England

Child 9: John Waller CARPENTER

Name: John Waller CARPENTER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marion McLean CAMPBELL (1854- )
Birth 1850 Tiverton, Devon, England
Death 1934 (age 83-84) Australia

Child 10: James Waller CARPENTER

Name: James Waller CARPENTER1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Elizabeth Ann YOUNG (1853- )
Spouse 2: Helen Forsyth OLIVER ( - )
Birth 23 Mar 1855 Tiverton, Devon, England
Occupation China and Glass dealer, Ironmonger
Death 1937 (age 81-82) Hampstead, London, England

Child 11: Janice CARPENTER

Name: Janice CARPENTER1
Sex: Female
Birth 1855 Tiverton, Devon, England


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