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Family of Jesse FROST and Mary HACKWORTHY

Husband: Jesse FROST (1830- )
Wife: Mary HACKWORTHY (c. 1826- )
Children: Elizabeth FROST (c. 1855- )
John William FROST (1859-1942)
James FROST (1865- )
Ann Maria FROST (1868-1952)
Marriage Q3 1852 Crediton , Devon, England1

Husband: Jesse FROST

Name: Jesse FROST2
Sex: Male
Father: John FROST (c. 1800- )
Mother: Harriet RICHARDS (1800- )
Birth 2 Sep 1830 Rodney Stoke, Somerset, England
Occupation Agricultural Labourer, Road Contractor
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 33) Sandford, Devon, England3
Preston, Sandford
Occupation 7 Apr 1861 (age 30) Agricultural Labourer; Sandford, Devon, England3


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1826 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Census 1851 (age 25) Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 35) Sandford, Devon, England3
Preston, Sandford

Child 1: Elizabeth FROST

Name: Elizabeth FROST2
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1855 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Occupation Domestic Servant
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 6) Sandford, Devon, England3
Preston, Sandford

Child 2: John William FROST

Name: John William FROST2,4
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ellen Elizabeth WAY (1856-1886)
Spouse 2: Martha Jenkins LAWRENCE (1868-1952)
Birth 17 May 1859 Sandford, Devon, England
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 1) Sandford, Devon, England3
Preston, Sandford
Census 3 Apr 1881 (age 21) Witheridge, Devon, England5
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 21) Groom; Witheridge, Devon, England5
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 32) Tiverton, Devon, England6
Bolham, Tiverton
Occupation 5 Apr 1891 (age 31) Coachman/Groom; Tiverton, Devon, England6
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 42) Horsham, Sussex, England7
40 London Road, Horsham
Occupation 31 Mar 1901 (age 41) Coachman (Domestic); Horsham, Sussex, England7
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 51) Horsham, Sussex, England8
40 London Road, Horsham
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 (age 51) Coachman (Domestic); Horsham, Sussex, England8
Emigration 18 Jan 1912 (age 52) to Australia
John and his son William sailed from London on the Demosthenes bound for Brisbane, contracted to disembark at Melbourne. Martha went later in the same year with the rest of the children.
Occupation 1912 (age 52) Labourer
As recorded on the passenger manifest when he emigrated.
Residence 1914 (age 54-55) Flinders, Victoria, Australia
Frankston, Flinders
John, Martha and daughter Adeline Alice were in Franston in the 1914 Voters List of Victoria.
Occupation 1914 (age 54-55) Labourer; Flinders, Victoria, Australia
Frankstom, Flinders
John's occupation given in the Voters List
Occupation 1924 (age 64-65) Gardener; Oakleigh - Dandenong- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia9
Boulogne, Ross Street, Oakleigh
John was with Martha, George Henry and Winifred Annie and Dorothy presumably, though she was too young to be registered as a voter
Occupation 1931 (age 71-72) Gardener; Oakleigh - Dandenong- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia10
Boulogne, Ross Street, Oakleigh
John was with Martha, and daughters Adeline, Dorothy and Winifred.
Occupation 1936 (age 76-77) Gardener; Oakleigh - Dandenong- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia11
260 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh
John was working away from home. Had he left Martha?
Death 22 May 1942 (age 83) Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia

Child 3: James FROST

Name: James FROST2,12
Sex: Male
Birth 1865 Sandford, Devon, England

Child 4: Ann Maria FROST

Name: Ann Maria FROST2
Sex: Female
Spouse: William HUDDY (1867-1910)
Birth 1868 Sandford, Devon, England
Death 1952 (age 83-84)


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