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Family of Elisha GULLETT and Sarah BUTLAND

Husband: Elisha GULLETT (c. 1784- )
Wife: Sarah BUTLAND ( - )
Children: Benjamin GULLETT (1808- )
Elisha GULLETT (1810- )
Joseph GULLETT (1812-1846)
Thomas GULLETT (1814- )
Sarah Butland GULLETT (1817- )
James GULLETT (1820- )
Robert GULLETT (1822- )
Marriage 14 Jul 1807 Shaugh Prior, Devon, England

Husband: Elisha GULLETT

Name: Elisha GULLETT1
Sex: Male
Father: Richard GULLET ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth EDWARDS ( - )
Baptism 16 Jan 1783 (age -2--1) Shaugh Prior, Devon, England
Birth c. 1783/84 Shaugh Prior, Devon, England

Wife: Sarah BUTLAND

Name: Sarah BUTLAND1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Benjamin GULLETT

Name: Benjamin GULLETT1
Sex: Male
Birth 1808 Shaugh Prior, Devon, England

Child 2: Elisha GULLETT

Name: Elisha GULLETT1
Sex: Male
Birth 1810 Shaugh Prior, Devon, England

Child 3: Joseph GULLETT

Name: Joseph GULLETT1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Fanny Stephens LILLICRAP (c. 1811-1880)
Birth 23 Aug 1812 Plympton St Mary, Devon, England
Baptism 2 Feb 1813 (age 0) Plympton St Mary, Devon, England
Occupation Miller
Death 1846 (age 33-34) Plymouth Charles, Devon, England

Child 4: Thomas GULLETT

Name: Thomas GULLETT1
Sex: Male
Birth 1814

Child 5: Sarah Butland GULLETT

Name: Sarah Butland GULLETT1
Sex: Male
Birth 1817

Child 6: James GULLETT

Name: James GULLETT1
Sex: Male
Birth 1820 Wembury, Devon, England
Occupation Boatbuilder

Child 7: Robert GULLETT

Name: Robert GULLETT1
Sex: Male
Birth 1822 Wembury, Devon, England


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