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Family of Stephen HATTIN and Charlotte Thirza Turner HARRIS

Husband: Stephen HATTIN (1851-1912)
Wife: Charlotte Thirza Turner HARRIS (1856-1902)
Children: Alice HATTIN (c. 1877- )
John Turner Harris HATTIN (c. 1878-1938)
Stephen HATTIN (1883- )
Lucy HATTIN (1886- )
Albert HATTIN (1887- )
William HATTIN (1890-1891)
Richard HATTIN (1892- )
Henry Ralph HATTIN (1895- )

Husband: Stephen HATTIN

Name: Stephen HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Father: John HATTIN (c. 1815-1893)
Mother: Ann H. PACKER (c. 1819- )
Birth Q2 1851 Sandford, Devon, England
Occupation Stonemason
Death 30 Jun 1912 (age 60-61) Crediton , Devon, England

Wife: Charlotte Thirza Turner HARRIS

Name: Charlotte Thirza Turner HARRIS1
Sex: Female
Father: William Henry HARRIS (1834- )
Mother: Charlotte Webber HARRIS (1835- )
Birth 1856 Tiverton, Devon, England
Death 16 Jul 1902 (age 45-46)

Child 1: Alice HATTIN

Name: Alice HATTIN1
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1877 Sandford, Devon, England

Child 2: John Turner Harris HATTIN

Name: John Turner Harris HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah LUSCOMBE ( - )
Birth c. 1878 Exeter, Devon, England
Occupation Blacksmith
Death 1938 (age 59-60)

Child 3: Stephen HATTIN

Name: Stephen HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Birth 1883 Exeter, Devon, England

Child 4: Lucy HATTIN

Name: Lucy HATTIN1
Sex: Female
Birth 1886

Child 5: Albert HATTIN

Name: Albert HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Birth 1887 Crediton , Devon, England

Child 6: William HATTIN

Name: William HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Birth 1890 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Death Q3 1891 (age 0-1) Exeter, Devon, England

Child 7: Richard HATTIN

Name: Richard HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Birth 1892 St David - Exeter, Devon, England

Child 8: Henry Ralph HATTIN

Name: Henry Ralph HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Birth 1895 Crediton , Devon, England

Note on Husband: Stephen HATTIN

Saturday 8 October 1892, Issue 7874 –

Exeter Police Court

The Benefit of the Doubt. - STEPHEN HATTIN and CHARLOTTE HATTIN, natives of Crediton, were brought up on a charge of exposing their child, aged about three months. The Chief Constable said they were found the previous night in the Cowley Bridge-road in charge of the infant, which was exposed in such a way as to be dangerous to its health. When spoke to by a constable they refused to go to the Police Station to spend the night. They were discharged from prison during the day and were given passes to take them to Crediton, and a sum of money which belonged to them. P.C. Lewis said previous night about eleven o’clock he saw the prisoners drunk near the entrance to St David’s Station yard in charge of a child about three months old. The infant’s hands and feet were uncovered. They said they had missed the 9.30 train to Crediton. They made no attempt to get lodgings, and said they were going to walk to Crediton. He eventually took them to the Police Station, where he searched them and found that the man had 1s. 8 ½d. and the woman 6s. 2 ½d. The Chairman said the Bench would give defendants the benefit of the doubt, and they would be dismissed, but they must be careful as to their conduct in the future. The Bench commended the action of the constable.


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