These pages will hold detailed information on the members of our families.
But not yet...

Family Information

The information on our families to be published here will be in two formats. Family Details will hold information in formats designated sheets - either Family Group or Individual Summary Sheets. The amount of information depends very much on what research has been done on individuals, or indeed on how much material has been found or is available. It will be mainly life events - birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial, where these are known, arranged in generations. At the very least dates of birth have been estimated. It may contain details from census returns or other sources. The Name Index is the gateway to the Family Details.

The second format will be Family Trees for principal lines connected with the Heards of Mid Devon. This is for "who beget whom", not for life details: genealogy, not family history. It will not cover all families who have been researched for this website.

In both formats, data for individuals born in 1924 or later who are still alive, or may be still alive, has been anonymised. I would be very pleased to receive information about deaths that I am unaware of, or indeed any information to augment the details here.

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